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Looking to add a pretty kitty to your family? Whether you’re a first-time owner or you’ve given your heart to other felines, cat adoptions can be tricky. It’s important to make the right decision for you and your potential pet, one that will result in a forever home. Here are some tips to navigate the process and find the purr-fect fit.

Do your research

Shelters and rescues can be overwhelming for humans, not to mention for the cats. Get a better feel for ones who are available by looking online first. Many organizations post photos and bios on their Facebook pages or on sites like, and

Think it through

Kittens are incredibly cute, but they can be a handful. It’s typically better to adopt them in pairs so they can always have a playmate. If you want only one cat, consider an adult who is more calm and independent. If you prefer a lap kitty, pick one who is comfortable being held.

Keep an open mind

Maybe the little tabby you thought you wanted is hiding in the back of her cage at the shelter, but don’t let that scare you away. Cats aren’t always naturally trusting, and they can require time to fully display their personality. Ask workers, volunteers or foster parents what you can expect, and they also can tell you how the cat might be around kids or dogs.

Read the f ine print

Make sure your potential pet is in good health and has records of having been spayed or neutered and given age-appropriate vaccinations. Some organizations also will test for diseases and microchip their animals but not all do. If not, it will be up to you to have those done, and it’s always best to take a new pet to the vet.

Give it a little time

After you’ve completed the adoption process and taken your cat home, be patient. It can take a couple of weeks before they settle in. Start by putting him or her in a room with the necessities to allow the cat to adjust to a new territory. If you have another pet, introduce them slowly.

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