As a boxing agent and CEO of Tulsa Celebrity Fight Night, Chico Sherwood knows a little something about betting on winners.

Three years ago, he found himself in a fight — the fight for his life. Diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma, Sherwood knew that knowledge is power, so he began researching what he needed to do to beat cancer.

Now a survivor who has been cancer-free for more than a year, Sherwood is placing his next bet on the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

Sherwood recently opened Best Dispensaries on the southwest corner of 15th Street and Harvard Avenue in the site of a former appliance store. The dispensary is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Although cannabis dispensaries seem to be popping up on every corner, Sherwood is proud of the work that has gone into making Best Dispensaries, well, one of the best.

“What we do that’s so different is the medical research,” he said.

Sherwood said that when he decided to roll the dice on the cannabis industry, he knew — just as he knew when facing lymphoma — that education was key.

“I did courses online and got a master’s certificate,” he said. “Different aspects of the industry are covered in different classes, but I did a course with everything to cover the industry.

“I wanted to develop products that hadn’t been available before.”

Sherwood’s concept is selective straining with disease directives. What that means, simply put, is matching the illness to the right product.

“Say you’re a patient and you come in my dispensary. We’re going to direct you to cannabis strains that have been shown in clinical trials to be effective for your issue,” he said.

Better still, Sherwood wants customers to have a variety of products once they determine what strain of cannabis is right for them.

“I have a whole line of products of each strain to target particular ailments,” he said, ticking off edibles, oils and even lip balm, among many others.

Sherwood said Best Dispensaries is working with some retirement centers and also working on some different programs with the community.

Sherwood used his brain to learn everything he could about the many uses of cannabis, but his interest in the industry began closer to his heart.

“I have several friends that are older who have bad ailments,” he said. “I started out trying to develop some products to help us.”

And Sherwood considers himself to be living proof that it works. He’s been taking chemotherapy for 2½ years to fight the lymphoma, but “I’ve never had nausea yet, and I’m not taking any of their nausea meds.”

The cannabis is controlling his symptoms.

“I’m doing excellent,” Sherwood said.

“I’m now completely off of all medications,” he said, adding that he had been taking pharmaceuticals for a variety of conditions, including diabetes and thyroid disease.

“I’m really excited about helping people,” Sherwood said. “I hope to see patients sleeping all night long for the first time and waking up rested.

“This stuff is amazing. I have seen the results.”