With a hastag like #JellyIsMyJam, you know these tours are going to be fun.

“I’ve never met a jelly I didn’t like,” said Meriruth Cohenour, director of market development for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry.

So what better than jelly to highlight Oklahoma’s great fruit crops? From prickly pears and sand plums in the panhandle to peaches in Porter, Oklahoma has thriving fruit farms.

And they want you to visit.

“Our most popular crops are strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and peaches,” Cohenour said. “We have some apple orchards, quite a few grape vineyards. A couple places that do herbs like mint and lavender.”

Some of the farms have jelly-making classes. But most have fruit you can pick yourself, then take home to enjoy or make that jelly.

Just make sure to call or check out the farms on social media before you go. Each fruit has its season — from strawberries in late spring to early-summer berries and late-summer peaches.

“Be aware of the quick-changing seasons,” Cohenour said. People “have to take advantage of the opportunity in the short time they’re available.”

“Berry picking is just a great way to spend time with family away from electronics and in nature. And if the fruit makes it home and you don’t eat it all on the way, you can spend time learning traditional recipes and canning with your family.”

Find your choice of six jelly-making trails with farms of all kinds grouped by geographical region at bit.ly/jellytrails.