Bobby Donnell and Russ Hackler were a couple of guys who loved motorcycles when they started Honda of Tulsa 40 years ago, and they still enjoy them today.

“We hired people that share the same passion, and we have all met some of our closest friends — as customers have turned into riding or racing buddies,” Donnell said.

“This industry is outstanding. It is made up of a diverse group of people that come together with one passion: having and sharing fun.”

That means two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and watercraft from Honda, KTM, Can-Am and Sea-Doo — all sold from the corner of 21st Street and Yale Avenue, where the premier powersports dealership has been from the beginning.

“It is very gratifying to see customers at the lake, enjoying their Sea-Doo with their family and friends,” said General Manager Ty Davis, himself a sports enthusiast. “Or pulling up to a stop light next to a couple that recently purchased their newest bike from us — seeing the smile on their faces is so rewarding.”

Oklahoma’s diverse landscape made the business idea a winner from the beginning.

Honda of Tulsa sells Sea-Doo watercraft to enjoy with family on the state’s many lakes, vehicles for railing the sand dunes at Little Sahara State Park and adventure bikes to tour the Trans-America trail that runs through northern Oklahoma.

And for the even more adventurous, Hallett raceway is a dream for Honda sportbike enthusiasts, or they can hit the motocross jumps at Jandebeur’s MotorSports Park in Okmulgee.

“The products we sell are fun, but they can also serve very necessary functions,” Davis said. “The same Honda generator a family uses for their RV at the race track will keep their refrigerator and furnace running after a bad storm. The same Can-Am side-by-side that one person mud races is being used by another to tend to the cattle and keep an eye on the farm.

“While some customers purchase Honda water pumps to drain their swimming pools, others are using them to clear flood waters. The same dirtbikes that competitors race are also being used by some localities to get to the front line of emergency situations in wooded areas.

“Honda may not always equal fun — like with mowers — but they do enhance your experience just by knowing you have a tool that is reliable with a low cost of ownership,” Davis said.

And because the owners and employees selling the bikes, ATVs, watercraft and mowers are also using and enjoying them, they know how to keep customers happy and coming back.

Honda of Tulsa is the place to buy that bike, generator or mower, get them serviced and pick up parts when needed — all from people who know these products inside and out.

“Come see us, and you’ll find a level of professionalism not found in most dealerships,” Davis said. “We are always excited to share our expertise and passion for the products we sell, and our staff gains great satisfaction when customers’ lives are enhanced by the fun.”