Puopolo's Italian Ice

The Uncle Dan is a sweet creation made with sour apple Italian ice, caramel and vanilla cream at Puopolo’s Italian Ice & Creamery. 

MEGAN ROSS/Tulsa World Magazine

Tulsa’s biggest scavenger hunt — or the Tulsa 50, as we like to call it — is here.

These are the things our staff has been squirreling away all year. The things we discovered, the things we rediscovered and the things we just plain fell in love with in 2019.

Want a delicious, fun activity this summer?

Go through the 50 and cross them off as you experience them.

You’ll go from a hot spot in Owasso serving “Goonies”-inspired shakes to Puopolo’s Italian Ice in south Tulsa that is unlike anything we have seen before. Think tart, icy scoops of pink lemonade layered with vanilla ice cream. OK, go ahead and just start with that one.

Or go take photos with our 15 favorite murals in Tulsa, which is becoming known for its public art. Find the park that’s becoming known for its bouldering. Explore Tulsa’s trendiest new entertainment district.

This is one of my favorite stories of the year.

Not far behind is the back-to-school kids’ fashion feature — unicorns and rainbows and zipper shoes are back!

And a guide to Tulsa Tex-Mex, which food writer Judy Allen asserts should have a place in conversations about great local food.

“The standard tale of Tex-Mex is that it’s an inauthentic, cheese-covered fusion of traditional Mexican and new-school, highly processed American, the kind of eating meant to be paired with pitchers of margaritas or a bottle of Tylenol,” she writes.

Instead, the creation of Tex-Mex “resulted in a cuisine that evoked images of cantinas and cowboys and made it possible to taste the foods of a faraway land without having to travel.”

Try a burrito from El Rio Verde or the chile rellenos at Ricardo’s and see if you don’t think she’s right.

And then go south to 91st and Yale and try that Italian ice. You can thank me later.