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You’re not wrong. You’re seeing more Tulsa World “faces” in these pages.

It’s our attempt to let you get to know us and for you to see a slice of how things work at the Tulsa World.

In addition to our regular columnists in News, Sports, Scene and Opinion, you’ll be seeing more throughout the week from editors like Colleen Almeida-Smith in Work&Money, Michael Peters in Sports and Nicole Marshall in Scene.

Online at tulsaworld.com/aboutus, you’ll find more information on your favorite journalists — our designers, photojournalists, copy editors, reporters and editors.

I agree with Publisher Gloria Fletcher that readers enjoy connecting with us and hearing from us.

I’ve written a few columns in the last few years when I’ve felt passionately about news events or been concerned about the perceptions circulating about my fellow journalists.

I’ll continue to do that.

But more and more, we get questions about the decisions we make as a media company and how those decisions get made.

Last week, Managing Editor Mike Strain offered a look at how our Election Day front page came together. It was a great example of how carefully laid plans can all go awry as deadlines close in for the print edition.

One reader told him she didn’t buy his explanation of why Democrat nominee for governor Drew Edmondson’s picture on A1 was smaller than the two Republican candidates — Kevin Stitt and Mick Cornett — who are headed to an August 28 runoff. “You need to up your game,” she said.

OK, I get that. Sometimes you’re not going to agree with our explanations.

I wrote a column last week after five journalists were killed by a disgruntled reader at The Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland.

I talked about how communication is key and asked readers to talk to reporters and editors about their concerns with stories. Or, better yet, offer suggestions for additional reporting.

One reader sent me a very polite email saying she had attempted to do just that with three different reporters and never received a response.

Ugh. That one hurt.

All of us should know that corresponding and speaking with readers is a part of our jobs here at the Tulsa World. We’ll do better.

There is a lovely reader who corresponds fairly often from Bartlesville. She’s been known to write letters and to call, sometimes with complaints but always with encouragement for our journalists. She likes the print edition but has been disappointed with the loss of several pages of content in the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday editions.

As I’ve said before, declining advertising revenues have contributed to tough decisions for media companies that own newspapers. The two biggest cost centers are paper and people, and the paper has recently been subjected to tariffs that have pushed those costs even higher.

But fewer pages mean we can hang on to the people who produce the content, the people who are out there every day gathering information to bring to you on a daily basis. That’s still the most vital part of our business.

So, once again, let us hear from you. Ask us questions on decisions we make and what you see online and in print. Our “faces” will get you the answers.

Most of all, thank you for your readership. It means the “World” to us.

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Susan Ellerbach



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Executive Editor

Susan is the Tulsa World executive editor. She also has held the titles of managing editor, Sunday editor, state editor, business editor and reporter during her more than 30-year career at the Tulsa World.

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