Private company owns Oklahoma prison where 4 inmates killed

Four inmates were killed and four others were injured Sept. 12 at the privately owned Cimarron Correctional Facility in Cushing. The prison is owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America.  KELLY KISSEL/AP 

CUSHING — The deadly disturbance at the Cimarron Correctional Facility is being blamed on a power struggle between two white prison gangs — the Irish Mob and the United Aryan Brotherhood.

Four white inmates at the 1,720-bed private facility died as a result of the two-minute fight Saturday afternoon, officials said. The Medical Examiner’s Office reported that two were stabbed to death and that the other two died from “multiple sharp force injuries.”

Four other inmates from the facility were treated at a hospital for injuries. The violence Saturday afternoon involved an attack by the Irish Mob on the other white gang, multiple sources told The Oklahoman.

Inmates at all state prisons on Wednesday remained locked down, which means they were confined to their cells around the clock. Inmates at the Oklahoma County Jail also were on lockdown status Wednesday.

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