Tulsa County deputies net nearly a kilo of methamphetamine during search warrant

Brandy Simmons

Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies said they arrested a woman after serving a search warrant that netted a little more than 2 pounds of methamphetamine.

Brandy Michelle Simmons, 39, of Tulsa was booked into the Tulsa Jail on complaints of aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine, use of surveillance equipment, not possessing a tax stamp and possession of paraphernalia, according to jail records.

Deputies served a search warrant Friday evening at 351 S. Yorktown Ave., according to a booking report. During the search, they reportedly found three bags of a substance that field-tested positive for meth.

The drug’s weight was measured at about 945 grams, or just slightly more than 2 pounds, the deputies said. They allegedly found two small bags, weighing 20 and 17 grams, in Simmons’ dining room and bedroom, and a 2-pound sack behind a dishwasher in the kitchen, according to the booking report.

“The residence was also equipped with surveillance equipment,” Deputy Marlin Warren states in the report. “There was a working camera on the porch when deputies approached.”

The camera was attached to a monitor in the residence, according to the report.

Simmons was booked into jail at 1:15 a.m. Saturday and released at 11:15 p.m. the same day on a $162,250 bond, according to jail records. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

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