A Tulsa woman was jailed on accusations that she bit her disabled boyfriend’s genitals and then assaulted him with a laptop following an argument.

Amber Ellis, 31, was booked Thursday into the Tulsa Jail on complaints of maiming and assault with a deadly weapon, jail record show.

Ellis’ boyfriend told police that they were out drinking and began arguing, which continued at their apartment in the 7600 block of East 49th Street with Ellis storming off into a bedroom and him falling asleep on a couch.

The victim said he was awakened by Ellis biting his penis before he fought her off, according to an arrest report. She then continued the attack by reportedly slamming his head into a laptop computer.

The man, who is described as an amputee, was taken to St. John Medical Center to received five stitches to close a wound at the base of his genitals and to treat injuries to his upper and lower body, police said.

Ellis is being held in lieu of $45,000 bond.

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