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The former Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Tulsa will be known as just “Lee School.” IAN MAULE/Tulsa World file

Tulsa Public Schools is looking to delay the name Lee School from taking effect on July 1 and will work over the summer to develop a new name.

“Today I learned that at the next Tulsa Board of Education meeting on June 18, the action agenda will include an item that will delay the effective date of the school name change to ‘Lee School,’ ” Principal Aubrey Flowers wrote in a letter to parents Thursday.

“The item will provide for the board to convene a larger committee representative of the school community to meet during the summer months and develop a new name nomination,” Flowers wrote.

The school was renamed Lee School in May after a monthslong process that resulted in the school board rescinding its original name, Robert E. Lee Elementary, which will remain in effect until a new name is made permanent.

The decision to rename the school Lee School was advocated for by many members of the Lee community who cite a school-wide survey as proof that the majority of the school community is comfortable with the name.

Those members declined to comment.

However, the split school board decision was widely panned by others affiliated with the school and many who weren’t. Those dissidents said the name didn’t go far enough to remove its Confederate origins.

In the aftermath of the vote, two members that voted for the Lee School name change said they regretted the process that led to the Lee vote, which they, and others, felt didn’t involve the school community.

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