More than a year after the Tulsa World first wrote about her family, Sarah Justice still laughs at the attention they're getting.

Gifts still arrive in the mail. Facebook posts go viral. And blogs she has never heard of write about them.

"I don't know why people think we're so interesting," Sarah said Monday, after a 13-month-old story inexplicably became the most-read item at over the weekend. "We're not the only family with multiple sets of multiples."

But it's how they came to have "multiple multiples" that makes the Justice family unique. First, Sarah and her husband Andy arranged an adoption, and the birth mother turned out to be pregnant with triplets. Then, before the newborn triplets even left the hospital, Sarah found out she was pregnant herself. With twins.

The children — two boys and three girls — are now 15 and 22 months old, all healthy and happy.

"I don't know if we're interesting," Sarah said. "We're busy, I can tell you that."

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