Federal prosecutors have dropped charges against a Vinita man who claimed he robbed more than 43 banks across the nation, including two in Tulsa in 2017, after he was determined to be mentally incompetent to stand trial.

U.S. District Judge Claire Eagan in Tulsa federal court granted the dismissal request Tuesday for Victor Alan Siegrist, 56, who told investigators he “hated the government, and banks represented the government.”

A federal magistrate determined Aug. 30, 2018, that Siegrist was incompetent to stand trial and was “not likely to regain competency in a reasonable period of time,” according to court filings in the case.

Federal prosecutors in Springfield, Missouri, where Siegrist was held at the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, filed a petition Dec. 11 to determine Siegrist’s mental condition.

A Risk Assessment Review Panel at the Springfield federal medical center diagnosed Siegrist with schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, according to court records filed in the case. The same panel determined that Siegrist had a history of instability in the community, noncompliance with treatment and dangerous behaviors because of his mental illness and recommended he be civilly committed “because his unconditional release would create a substantial risk of bodily injury to another person or serious damage to property of another.”

However, the panel found that Siegrist was an “appropriate candidate for conditional release under a prescribed regimen of care,” according to court records.

Based on the panel findings, a Missouri federal judge on Feb. 6 granted the government’s request that Siegrist be released to live in Muskogee with conditions. The conditions included a requirement that he be supervised by the U.S. Probation Office and that he continue to take medication for his condition.

While most of Siegrist’s court records are sealed in his civil commitment case, records that are available to the public indicate that federal officials on May 23 filed a notice that Siegrist violated terms of his release and requested a warrant for his arrest.

Online records at the federal Bureau of Prisons website indicate that Siegrist is being held at the federal transfer center in Oklahoma City.

Tulsa Police arrested Siegrist Sept. 27, 2017, at an area casino in connection with the robberies of two Tulsa banks within a week.

Police said Siegrist confessed to robbing the two banks and other banks, one in Broken Arrow and another in Pennsylvania.

Siegrist allegedly told investigators that after robbing one of the Tulsa banks, he walked to a restaurant, where he ate and drank alcohol.

He then took a cab to a liquor store and then his motel before later visiting an area casino where he gambled with some of the bank money, according to court records.

During questioning following his arrest, Siegrist also claimed responsibility for robbing 43 banks around the U.S. since 1990, according to investigators.

At the time of his arrest, Siegrist was already facing bank robbery charges out of Muskogee County in connection with the robbery of a bank there in 2016. Those charges were dropped July 10, with prosecutors citing his incompetency status.

A federal grand jury indicted Siegrist Dec. 5, 2017, on a single count of bank larceny. The indictment charged Siegrist with taking $3,450 from the Bank of Commerce, 5314 S. Yale Ave., on Sept. 22, 2017.

Federal prosecutors in Tulsa declined Tuesday to comment on Siegrist’s claim that he has robbed 43 banks or any potential future prosecutions against the man.

Public defenders for Siegrist in Tulsa and Springfield could not be reached for comment.

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