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Adrienne Smith

SAPULPA — A woman accused of stabbing her mother, a Tulsa County district judge, will have a preliminary hearing next month, a judge from a different jurisdiction decided during a hearing that almost ended with the woman’s arrest for violations of her pretrial release conditions.

Adrienne Smith, 28, has been free on pretrial release since May 2 on a felony charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in connection with an altercation with her mother, District Judge Sharon Holmes, on March 2.

Smith was not arrested until March 9, the day police said Holmes identified her as the person who had stabbed her in the leg. Officers initially classified the injury as an accident before designating it as a domestic violence investigation a few days later.

Creek County Special Judge Richard Woolery authorized pretrial release for Smith and told her she needed to obtain a mental health evaluation within 10 days of being let out of the Tulsa County jail. He also imposed a no-contact order between Smith and Holmes, although he said in a hearing Monday that the requirement would be rescinded once a related protective order is dismissed.

Woolery said he would continue to allow Smith to stay out of custody despite receiving reports from Tulsa County Court Services indicating that she has not complied with the conditions he imposed. Smith addressed the court Monday afternoon to say she was “doing my best with this stressful situation” but that she is struggling to afford to pay for her mental health care, maintain her job and spend time with her family, including her young child.

Her preliminary hearing will take place Sept. 30 at the Creek County Courthouse, and Holmes could be called to testify, along with at least two responding officers.

Tulsa police have previously said the initial handling of the incident was the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation. Sgt. Shane Tuell told the Tulsa World last week that the internal inquiry is still pending.

Court minutes state that Smith spent a weekend in jail in July as a sanction for an issue with her Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM, device. District 12 Assistant District Attorney Edith Singer said Monday that the device has recorded six confirmed positive tests for alcohol since July 28.

Singer also said she has not received documentation about Smith’s mental health, though defense attorney Christine Umeh said she had concerns with providing prosecutors “carte blanche” access to her client’s medical records.

”I’m astounded by this defendant’s behavior — continued alcohol use, continued violations,” Singer said. She told Woolery, “Nothing has been done to further this case (since May), and we are frustrated by that.”

District 12 Assistant District Attorney Edith Singer, whose office works in Craig, Mayes and Rogers counties, was assigned Smith’s case by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office. The Oklahoma Supreme Court assigned Woolery to preside over preliminary matters in Smith’s case, as well as protective order and guardianship proceedings.

Umeh said her client voluntarily takes part in programming from Just the Beginning, a local organization that specializes in assisting women involved in the court system. She also said Smith took part in a consultation regarding her needs in June and July but that the agency involved said it would not complete a written report about it, prompting Woolery to say Smith should get one elsewhere.

While addressing the positive tests recorded on Smith’s SCRAM device, Umeh said, “It is not abnormal for people out on pretrial release to have (urinalysis) violations or violations of SCRAM.”

”Ms. Smith is trying her best, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be perfect,” she said, to which Woolery said, “I don’t expect perfection either, but I don’t expect the number of violations here.” He told Smith she would return to jail if she has any other negative reports from Tulsa County Court Services.

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