2019-10-02 ne-rivera raymond

Rodriguez Rivera

A man has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in a murder case involving a fatal shootout in north Tulsa.

Raymond Rodriguez Rivera, 32, pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree manslaughter and assault and battery with a deadly weapon, according to court records. A Tulsa County judge sentenced Rivera to 10 years in prison.

Rodriguez Rivera had been charged with first-degree murder in connection with 18-year-old Tyson Teague’s death.

In October 2017, Teague and a relative were feuding with a group of people in the 4900 block of North Boston Place, police reported. The shooting occurred during a fist fight between the two groups.

The two groups exchanged gunfire, and authorities alleged that Rodriguez Rivera fatally shot Teague and injured the man with Teague. A woman, who police said was not involved in the gunfight, was shot in the shoulder.

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