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People enjoy the midway at the Tulsa State Fair on Wednesday night, Oct. 2. Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies received tips that night that several juveniles were planning to use weapons in fights at the fair, but the plot was foiled. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

Five juveniles were detained last Thursday on allegations that they had plotted to escalate fist fights at the Tulsa State Fair to weapons.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies received tips on the night of Wednesday, Oct. 2, that several juveniles, who reportedly had been on the more painful end of a spate of altercations, were planning to use weapons in altercations at the fair.

Sgt. Mike Moore said investigators identified five individuals, all juveniles, by that Thursday morning who they believe were involved in the escalation threats.

The group of teenagers were identified through social media chatter.

Officers from several organizations, including the Tulsa Police Department and school resource officers from multiple school systems, worked jointly to identify the juveniles, Moore said.

"It worked perfectly," he said. "It worked as it should with all those agencies sharing information."

Within an hour after a Thursday briefing among deputies, the assumed leader of the alleged plan was apprehended. Within another hour, the remaining four were apprehended. None of the teenagers was able to enter the fair.

One juvenile was arrested on a complaint of threatening a violent act.

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