Broken Arrow Public Schools released a lip dub video of popular songs this week, and the video has garnered some national attention.

The 12-minute video, which took three weeks to put together, features a large number of students from the school. As of Friday afternoon, the video had more than 63,000 views.

Greg Spencer, the district's video production manager, said the idea started last year with a student group that works to help sophomores transition into the new campus. This year, they wanted it "bigger and better."

The final scene of the video was shot during homecoming week, and the gym contained about 2,500 students at the time.

Spencer VanDolah, the high school's applied leadership teacher, said the school has been focused on creating a "united culture" this year, and the video portrays that theme. The final song in the video is the hit song from "High School Musical" titled "We're All In This Together."

VanDolah said of the success of the video, "It gives them something to be proud of."

Jason Jedamski, the district's director of student life and activities, said the district is "big on leaving a legacy." This lip dub video has sort of unexpectedly turned into a tradition. The school intends to make another one next year.

Watch the video:

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