A Cascia Hall student who allegedly made “disturbing comments” is no longer attending the private school as a result of an investigation.

Cascia Hall Preparatory officials became aware of the comments made by an individual after school Tuesday, the school’s headmaster, Father Philip Cook, told families in an email later that day.

“We take this situation very seriously and have been in conversation with those involved and with local law enforcement while conducting a thorough investigation of the incident,” the email read. “Our students were never in danger.”

Cook emailed families a second time Wednesday evening to clarify that the investigation revealed a “series of disturbing comments” by a student.

After meeting with the child’s parents and Tulsa police, school officials “discerned that the student in question withdraws” from Cascia Hall, Cook said. He added that the decision was difficult, but he felt it was in the best interest of the child and community.

Cook did not specify what the comments said or how they were made. A school spokeswoman said she did not believe they appeared on social media.

“I know it is unsettling and worrisome for all of us when faced with this situation without full knowledge of the events,” Cook wrote. “We appreciate your trust and confidence as we move forward. We want to respect the privacy and rights of our children as well as protect the common good.”

The headmaster said he met with employees and students Wednesday and encouraged them to seek out a trusted adult or friend if they hear anything uncomfortable or concerning.

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