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Bedbugs are small insects that lurk in the crevices of mattresses, box springs and furniture. They emerge at night to feed on the blood of their sleeping victims. While their bites are generally painless, they can leave behind red, itchy welts similar to mosquito bites. Courtesy

Officials at a Tulsa school identified an isolated incident of bedbugs on Friday.

The incident occurred at Monroe Demonstration Academy, 2010 E. 48th St. North, according to a Tulsa Public Schools spokeswoman. School administrators and a facilities and operations team took appropriate follow-up measures, the spokeswoman said.

An exterminator confirmed that the incident was isolated. The exterminator treated the potentially affected areas and set up monitoring stations.

Bedbugs are not considered a public health nuisance because they aren’t known to spread disease, according to public health officials. However, they will bite humans and can cause itchy welts on the skin.

Bedbugs are often carried unknowingly into homes in bedding, clothing or furniture. Health officials recommend against bringing discarded bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture into a home.

When returning from a trip, put clothing items in a hot dryer first and then wash them. Bags and luggage should be inspected immediately.

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