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Park Elementary School in west Tulsa closed in 2017. Tulsa World file

A closed Tulsa elementary school soon will be up for sale, while another may be sold to a faith-based nonprofit that wants to develop the property into a multipurpose care center.

The Tulsa school board approved declaring the former Park Elementary School surplus property during its Monday meeting. Board members also heard a recommendation to sell Addams Elementary School to SquareOne Compassion for almost half a million dollars.

Park, at 3205 W. 39th St., was one of three elementary schools in west Tulsa that closed as part of a major consolidation effort in 2017. The building has been vacant since then and was added to the district’s surplus list after an undisclosed faith-based organization expressed interest in its purchase.

Tulsa Public Schools will begin to advertise the property and seek proposals from the public in the coming month. Although the property hasn’t been appraised yet, district officials estimate that it’s worth $400,000 to $500,000.

State law requires that surplus properties first be offered for public bid, but school districts are free to accept or reject those bids and then enter into negotiations for private sale.

Meanwhile, TPS is seeking approval to sell the former Addams Elementary building and 10 acres to SquareOne Compassion for $450,000.

TPS has received two bids on the property in recent months. SquareOne Compassion submitted the best and most responsible bid, said Chris Hudgins, the district’s executive director of bond and energy management.

The Tulsa-based nonprofit, which records show was incorporated in May, reportedly plans to convert the space at 5323 S. 65th West Ave. into a medical and counseling clinic, a fitness center, a child care center, a restaurant and a life skills learning center.

The organization also looks to implement other faith- and compassion-based care centers “that will become the centerpiece of daily activities for people living in the west Tulsa and eastern Creek counties areas,” Hudgins said.

Addams has been vacant since 2011, when 14 school buildings closed as part of the Project Schoolhouse efficiency initiative. Addams and Sandburg — another elementary school that shut down during Project Schoolhouse — were the only two schools remaining on the surplus list until Park was added.

If the recommendation is approved later this month, SquareOne is expected to take over the property around Nov. 1.

Addressing concerns from some board members, Hudgins said the deal would include a stipulation that prohibits offering private education from prekindergarten through 12th grade at the Addams site.

Board member Jennettie Marshall said she received calls from residents who were worried that there would be nothing to stop SquareOne from selling the property to another organization that could then open an private school. But Hudgins said violating the stipulation would reverse the deed to Tulsa Public Schools regardless of who owns it.

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