A gas line rupture in north Tulsa on Tuesday morning prompted the evacuation of a nearby day-care center and a fast-food restaurant.

Tulsa Fire Department hazardous material crews and Oklahoma Natural Gas workers were on the scene at Pine Street between Atlanta and Birmingham avenues after a construction crew broke through the gas line about 10:30 a.m., said Tulsa Fire Capt. Stan May.

Gracies Kids World day care, 2607 E. Pine St., was evacuated, and workers at nearby Springdale Elementary School were alerted to the rupture.

Travis Townsell, who works at nearby D&G Tires, helped the day-care staff escort children out of the building.

“I knew it might be dangerous for the kids if the gas got into the building,” Townsell said. “It would not be good for the kids to breathe that gas in.”

While in the parking lot of an adjacent tire yard, staff members fed the children — some seated in their cribs — their lunch of hamburgers and french fries.

“I’m in the process of calling parents,” a day care staff member could be overheard saying.

A Tulsa Transit bus later arrived at the scene to provide temporary shelter for the children and center employees. The intersections were closed as crews worked to repair the gas line.

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