A few years back, Kevin Colvin packed up and left Los Angeles.

Left it all: his family, his friends, his life as an EMT.

If he was ever going to be a nurse or a doctor, now was the time.

“So I saved a couple of thousand bucks and just moved here,” said Colvin, 31. “No family here, no friends. Just me.”

It’s working out. He’s studying at Tulsa Community College to become a nurse. One day, he figures, he will go to medical school.

This much is for sure: Wherever life takes him, he’ll gladly dance every step of the way.

Hip-hop freestyle is his thing, and Gathering Place is where he does his thing.

“It reminds me of San Diego. It reminds me of home,” said Colvin, a native of Los Angeles. “Trees everywhere. The hills ... it reminds me a lot of California.”

He visits the park most weekends, twisting and turning to the music coming out of his noise-canceling earphones.

“Sometimes I go into dancehall, sometimes I go into R&B, pop, rap — clean rap,” he said. “I don’t like gangster rap, I really don’t.”

Colvin dances in public because, as he explained, in the hip-hop dance world, you need to perform your moves in public to claim them.

The dancing itself serves another, more profound purpose for this soft-spoken man.

“The pure joy of reminiscing of a once-great passion of mine turned hobby and de-stresser,” he said. “And, you know, just for the love of dance.

“I’m not trying to make it big or anything like that because I want to be a doctor or a nurse.”

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