Ariana Reagor is the Gathering Place park ambassador. 


There is no better person to speak with about Gathering Place than Ariana Reagor.

Not because she’s the park’s ambassador, which she is, but because she’s a kid. And if Gathering Place has a target audience, it’s kids.

Like so many other young people who have visited the park, Ariana, 12, said she believes the Adventure Playground is the place to be.

“I love the playground, specifically the towers and the loop-de-loop slides,” she said. “The towers are so much fun to climb on and go across the bridge.”

What else do the kids rave about?

“Swing Hill and Slide Vale are definitely popular,” Ariana said.

Her role as park ambassador has afforded her opportunities that not every visitor to the park — whether young or old — has experienced. She high-fived Questlove, leader of the band The Roots, on the day the park opened. But her favorite star encounter — even better than meeting George Kaiser — was with Genevieve Goings from Disney Junior’s Choo Choo Soul.

“When we got to meet and greet with her, I asked her and her dancers if they wanted a tour of the park, and they said yes,” Ariana said. “And we did the entire playground; we went down all the slides, and it was so much fun.”

Ariana can rattle off all kinds of great reasons a person should visit Gathering Place; but at the end of the day, her best piece of advice is just what you would expect from a 12-year-old.

“Get a double scoop of ice cream and you’re good to go. They are amazing.”

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