Work on the Inner Dispersal Loop around downtown continues on schedule, despite several rounds of showers and thunderstorms in recent weeks, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation said.

Crews are replacing the concrete on the eastbound lanes on the south leg of the IDL and rehabilitating bridges on the south and east legs of the loop.

The eastbound lanes on the south leg and the northbound lanes on the east leg will continue to be closed for the next several months.

Crews have removed about 60% of the concrete on the south leg’s eastbound lanes, said ODOT spokeswoman Kenna Mitchell, “so we’re making really good progress there.”

New pavement on the westbound lanes on the south leg of the Inner Dispersal Loop and bridge work on the southbound lanes of the east leg were completed earlier this year.

The work is part of a $25 million project that is expected to be completed by early next year if the weather cooperates.

As of Monday afternoon, Tulsa has received 23.7 inches of rain in the past 60 days, as measured at the Oklahoma Mesonet site just west of Tulsa International Airport and about 4 miles northeast of downtown.

That is more than half of Tulsa’s normal annual rainfall of about 41 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

Mitchell said that despite numerous rounds of showers and thunderstorms in recent weeks, the project remains on schedule.

She said the weather has not been affecting the removal of concrete unless construction areas become particularly muddy, and then work is temporarily slowed.

For daily traffic updates and closures on highways statewide, check the “Traffic Advisories” section on ODOT’s website at

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