MJ Testing

Oklahoma dispensaries are not to accept untested product from growers and processors as of April 1, when new rules mandating cannabis testing at licensed laboratories go into effect. STEPHEN PINGRY/Tulsa World file

As of April 1, dispensaries across Oklahoma must carry only products that have been tested by an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority-licensed laboratory.

The testing was mandated in a new law that went into effect Nov. 1. Since that time, the OMMA and Laboratory Oversight Manager Lee Rhodes have been creating rules and guidelines, during which a grace period has been in place that has allowed patients to continue to purchase untested cannabis.

Ten laboratories in the state are licensed with the OMMA, with more in different stages of the licensing process, a news release states. Licensed labs are inspected by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. A list of labs is available at omma.ok.gov.

Cannabis in Oklahoma is required to be tested for cannabinoid content (including THC potency), terpene profile and the presence of pesticides, heavy metals or other contaminants.

Terpenes are compounds that give a plant its smell, and for cannabis patients, the dozens of terpenes unique to specific strains provide what’s called an “entourage effect” to help alleviate symptoms along with the psychoactive component, THC, and nonpsychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD.

Only one lab is licensed in Tulsa: Oklahoma Compliance Testing Lab, 12211 E. 52nd St.

Nearly 8,000 growers and processors hold OMMA licenses, which means if testing requirements were in effect as of Jan. 31, each lab would have to contract with at least 720 businesses for all license holders to be compliant.

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