Green Buffalo

Green Buffalo owner Joe Wilson is seen at his dispensary at Norman’s Campus Corner. Despite colleges around Oklahoma still banning even medical marijuana, Wilson thinks he has the best location in the state. 


NORMAN — A short walk separates college life from a different sort of higher education.

Pass between the brick-and-stone columns that mark the north entrance of the University of Oklahoma campus and walk the half-block north on Asp Avenue into Norman’s famous Campus Corner, past some of the college town’s most popular restaurants, and you’ll reach the white sign sitting on the sidewalk, its bold, green cross and the words “Now Open” underneath, beckoning customers inside to the shopping area’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

The problem for Green Buffalo Dispensary and dozens of others around the state with the idea to set up near a college campus? Their products have been denied admission.

Despite the fact that more than 30 states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. As all public state colleges receive federal funding, none have taken the plunge to allow the product onto campus, whether for use or study.

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