Dial 211

If you aren’t sure who to contact, it’s likely someone at this number can help.

Report storm damage

Go to damage.ok.gov to report your information. This is not the same as your insurance company, and you don’t need insurance to report. The state is gathering information to coordinate assistance for people recovering from the storms. The information also could help determine federal aid.

State Insurance Department

The department is available to assist with questions or information about insurance. The department is warning people to beware of scams right now. Go online to ok.gov/oid or call 800-522-0071.

Tulsa Health Department

The health department is providing free tetanus shots and has other information available. Go online to tulsa-health.org or call 918-582-9355.

Mental Health Association Oklahoma

Stress and anxiety are natural reactions in a crisis, and the association has assistance available. Go online to mhaok.org or call 918-585-1213.

Featured video

Chief Photographer Tom Gilbert went up in a helicopter to show what the flooding looked like on Friday.

Find complete coverage of the storms.

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