Aces Donavon

Donavon Ramsey was homeless before he found Walker Hall, a transitional home run by the Mental Health Association of Tulsa. “It’s by the grace of God. That’s all I can say,” Ramsey says. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

The latest episode of Mental Health Association Oklahoma's podcast "The Mental Health Download" tells the story behind the Tulsa World's 8-part series Breaking the Cycle.

The podcast, hosted by Matt Gleason with the Mental Health Association Oklahoma, includes interviews with three people who played key roles in the series.

Lucinda Morte is a mental health professional who has a relatively high ACE score herself.

Donavon Ramsey is a resilient 19-year-old with a high ACE score and plenty of heartbreaking stories.

Ashley Parrish, the Tulsa World’s deputy managing editor who oversaw the year-long process to make the Breaking the Cycle series a reality. 

"The Mental Health Download" shares stories each month about mental illness, homelessness, incarceration and suicide, and how each can impact our lives in a profound way. 

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