Meteorologist George Flickinger isn't sorry for breaking into sports broadcasts to issue life-and-death weather alerts.

Flickinger, who was fired in 2006 by a Tulsa TV station after he interrupted a live NFL broadcast to warn residents of an evacuation due to dangerous wildfires, is now working with Virginia ABC-affiliate WSET.

On Wednesday, he spoke in a video in which he refused to apologize to basketball fans after they made angry calls to the station for showing part of Game 7 of the Western Conference NBA semifinals on a split screen with a tornado warning. The story was first reported by Deadspin.

“We get it, there’s a tornado, it’s been on the TV for over 20 minutes and I’m trying to watch the last three minutes, not on the B.S. split screen,” one caller was recorded as telling the station.

"You never know when someone new is tuning in, looking for critical information to protect themselves and their families," Flickinger said of the half-hour long split screen.

Flickinger had interrupted a Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants game on Nov. 27, 2005, after receiving a request for evacuation from the Mayes County Emergency Management office amid wildfires. Station officials called the weatherman's failure to wait for a commercial a "negligent" decision, and he was fired without pay.

Watch the video in which Flickinger refuses to apologize:

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