We the People Oklahoma have called for a criminal investigation after a video surfaced that shows a physical altercation Sunday night between a man and a private security guard at an east Tulsa QuikTrip.

The activist group says the video shows "unnecessary force" by the guard, who QuikTrip confirmed is employed through Diamond Security. It is unclear what precipitated an argument between the man and the guard, but in the video the man seems to make allegations of unsafe practices involving the guard's firearm. 

The man did not appear to get physical but can be heard on video using graphic language to direct insults at the guard, who then throws a hand toward the man's head. The man and the guard tussle as others inside the QuikTrip, 11315 E. 11th St., quickly move to break up the fight. 

A second video captured by the same QuikTrip customer appears to show the guard dramatically unsheathing a knife or baton after he and the man were separated. 

"We are in communication with the private security company to discuss the incident, and once we get all the facts, we will further those conversations with them," QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh told the Tulsa World on Monday. 

"We at that store employ security 24 hours a day, and we also employ off-duty law enforcement there to supplement the security," he said, adding that the site would likely be one chosen for the company's new armed-clerk program.

Thornbrugh said QuikTrip will provide surveillance footage of the entire incident for law enforcement to investigate upon request.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Shane Tuell said officers were asked to respond to the reported assault but had no police report available with details of the incident.

"If it is found that the security officer has CLEET certification, we call for a review and possible revocation of his certification due to alleged recklessness leaving his firearm unattended followed by unnecessary use of force with an apparently unarmed black man," a news release from We the People Oklahoma states.

The videos can be viewed below. They contain graphic language.

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