A discussion of race, policing and perceptions at a City Council meeting July 10 described police officers’ interactions with residents of Town Square Apartments earlier in the week.

Several speakers described to councilors how officers swarmed into the apartment complex in multiple unmarked vehicles, ordered people to show identification and searched an occupied vehicle for its identification number despite the fact that the people inside the car had done nothing wrong.

All of this, the speakers said, happened as children were out playing.

“Burned in my memory is a police officer looking into the hood of the car trying to read a VIN number because they are harassing teenagers about a parked car that they are sitting in where a young man is telling them, ‘This is my mom’s car. If you have these questions, call her,’” said Gregory Robinson II.

Mayor G.T. Bynum, who was at the scene, described seeing people waving to the officers and officers talking to a man they knew. By his account, Tulsa police had acted professionally at every call he accompanied them on in the apartment complex.

These videos show the incident and discussions afterward:

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Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tiffany Crutcher have a discussion after an Equality Indicators meeting

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