A man arrested Monday night after a fatal shooting told Owasso police he shot a relative’s ex-boyfriend who refused to be evicted from her residence and was threatening his family.

Micah Turner, 20, was arrested on one complaint of first-degree murder. Turner was accused of fatally shooting William Brad Wilkins, 46, on Monday night, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Turner told responding officers that he feared that Wilkins would hurt two of his relatives when a verbal altercation escalated that night.

“Micah stated he and (a relative) went to the hallway and witnessed the conversation where William stated, ‘you’re playing a dangerous game, you’re not going to win this girly,’ ” an Owasso police officer reported in the affidavit.

Police were dispatched about 10 p.m. Monday for a report of threats being made at a residence in the 14500 block of East 114th Street North in Owasso. Dispatchers reported hearing a gunshot while on the phone with the caller. Officers arrived to find Turner performing CPR on Wilkins.

Witnesses told police they heard a verbal altercation between Wilkins, who lived in the residence’s garage, and a resident. The resident and Wilkins at one point had a relationship. Those who lived there told police they had not been able to evict Wilkins.

Turner told police he retrieved his gun after hearing the threat, according to the affidavit. Turner allegedly shot Wilkins during a confrontation in the house’s living room.

Turner alleged that Wilkins had stolen guns, knives and power tools from the house and was using methamphetamine. He told police he could taste the drug on Wilkins while performing CPR.

“Micah stated he was scared that William was going to get more violent in the days coming, especially with the quarantine occurring, so he did what he had to do,” police said in the affidavit.

Emergency responders transported Wilkins to a hospital, where medical personnel pronounced him dead.

Turner is being held in Rogers County jail on the murder complaint.

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