A drastic temperature drop Wednesday will make it feel like Denver has gone from fall to winter in 24 hours.

Temperatures there will plummet from a high around 80 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday to below freezing for Thursday's high.

Much of Colorado will transition from hazardous fire conditions to a freeze warning in only a matter of hours.

Once the temperatures drop, record lows are likely to be broken across much of the region.

This temperature plunge will start in the northern Rockies and dive southward to parts of northern Texas by Friday morning. Freeze watches and warnings stretch from Nebraska to Texas.

Other notable temperature drops this week include:

Amarillo: From 85 degrees to 29 degrees in 36 hours

Minneapolis: From 65 degrees to 33 degrees in 33 hours

Kansas City: From 71 degrees to 41 degrees in 15 hours

Albuquerque: From 70 degrees to 29 degrees in 15 hours

Oklahoma City: From 74 degrees to 39 degrees in 18 hours

Lubbock: From 80° to 34° in 16 hours

Chicago: From 68 degrees to 38 degrees in 18 hours

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