Officials seize marijuana mixed with jalapeños

SAN DIEGO — Officials say they seized $2.3 million worth of marijuana mixed in with a shipment of jalapeño peppers at a Southern California port.

A Customs and Border Protection K-9 unit alerted officers to a shipment of peppers Thursday at the Otay Mesa cargo facility in San Diego.

A CBP news release says officers discovered more than 7,500 pounds (3,401 kilograms) of marijuana in the peppers’ pallets.

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan congratulated the officers on Twitter and noted it was the second large seizure of marijuana there within days.

Authorities seized more than 10,600 lbs (4,808 kilograms) of marijuana in a shipment of plastic auto parts at the port Tuesday.

Bail set for NYC subway scare defendant

NEW YORK — Bail was set at $200,000 Sunday for a homeless man from West Virginia who was charged with placing two devices that looked like pressure cookers in a New York City subway station.

Larry Kenton Griffin II of Bruno, West Virginia, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court before Judge Keisha Espinal, who set the bail and ordered Griffin to return to court Friday.

The court appearance came a day after Griffin’s arrest and two days after Friday morning’s commute was disrupted by a police investigation that began after two large cooking pots were spotted at Manhattan’s Fulton subway station.

The 26-year-old Griffin was charged with two counts of placing a false bomb . He was arrested Saturday in the Bronx after photographs of Griffin and the pots were distributed widely by law enforcement authorities.

A criminal complaint said Griffin knew the pots “would appear to be a bomb, destructive device, explosive and hazardous substance under circumstances in which it was likely to cause public alarm and inconvenience.”

Report: NY police rejected all detainer requests

NEW YORK — The New York Police Department in the year ending June 30 has rejected all requests from the government to hold immigrants past their release date.

That’s the finding of the Daily News in a report published Sunday. It says the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made 2,916 detainer requests from July 1, 2018, through June 30, seeking to hold prisoners past their release date so it can evaluate whether they should face deportation proceedings.

The Daily News says the NYPD in seven instances gave the federal agency answers to questions about a person’s incarceration status, release date or court appearances. It says those cases involved inquiries about a person with at least one conviction or serious crime.

The Legal Aid Society says the NYPD is acting lawfully.

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— From wire reports

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