Christmas Trees

Unused kegs of Guinness are being reclaimed and used by Christmas tree farms for nutrients, a brewery official said as coronavirus closures affected operations of the famous Irish brewer. Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press file

DUBLIN — Hundreds of thousands of kegs of Guinness that were going unused during the coronavirus lockdown are being repurposed to fertilize Christmas trees.

The forestry project is one of several environmentally friendly disposal routes the famous Irish brewery employed as it brought back millions of liters of stout, beer and ale from closed pubs and bars.

Aidan Crowe, the director of operations at the brewery, said Guinness decided in the early days of lockdown to support its on-trade customers by retrieving the kegs that were set to go undrunk due to the closure of hospitality outlets.

“The vast majority of the beer goes to willow and Christmas tree plantations; it’s used as nutrients in those farms," he said.

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