Eight people at a non-profit hospice home were moved to local hospitals and a sister hospice facility Thursday night after raw sewage backed up into the facility.

Bathrooms at Clarehouse, a facility that provides end-of-life care, began to malfunction around 4 p.m. Thursday and sewage was flowing from the bathrooms by 4:30 p.m., Executive Director Kelley Scott said.

"We are in store for some pretty serious remediation," Scott said. "It's not safe. It's not sanitary. It's raw sewage."

Medical responders assisted the facility to relocate the people living there. Three were transferred to a hospice facility in north Tulsa. The remaining five were transported to local hospitals. The first floor of the facility, located at 7617 S. Mingo Road, was covered in sewage.

Scott said the cause of the sewage backup was traced up the lines on Mingo Road.

Clarehouse is a 10-bedroom facility that had eight guests when the sewage backup occurred.

A city spokeswoman said rags were causing a blockage on a main sewer line. City crews used a high-pressure tool to remove the blockage.

City officials discourage the flushing of fats, oils and greases; medications; disposable or flushable wipes; feminine products; diapers; condoms; dental floss; kitty litter and canine waste bags; and cigarette butts. When such items cause clogs in sewer lines, the cost is usually bore out in utility bills.

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