"Thank you to the Tulsa World, once again, for forcing all of us to look at what we don’t want to see or hear, in an effort towards justice and healing."

"I hope the community is learning as much as I am. The grit of those highlighted is impressive."

"You brought up a lot of very important points in how vast and deep the effects of childhood trauma can truly be, along with ways we as a community can help."

"Making Oklahoma a Top 10 state won't come from tourists or a new license plate. It starts right here."

"This series made me start a draft of a letter to my brother I’ve been writing in my head forever. It’s about his alcoholism and drug use. This made it seem more real that his kids truly will be impacted. Thank you."

Online and on the front page for eight straight days, the Tulsa World published the Breaking the Cycle series. It looked at the science behind Adverse Childhood Experiences, examined some of those suffering from them and looked at ways to address the problem.