Oklahoma legislators filed 2,243 bills and resolutions for the 2020 session. 

The total included 1,361 House bills, 1,040 Senate bills, 16 House joint resolutions, four House concurrent resolutions and 22 Senate joint resolutions. Joint resolutions are the usual measures being referred to a vote of the people.

The deadline for House bills to be advanced by a House committee and Senate bills to be advanced by a Senate committee was Thursday, Feb. 27. It was the first of a succession of deadlines that bills must meet to continue through the legislative process. Bills not heard in committee are effectively dead.

Lawmakers must finish business by 5 p.m. May 29 but could end the session sooner.

Recent coverage from Oklahoma Legislature

Below are some measures that stood out, and links to news related to any movement on the bill in the Legislature. Measures that passed a committee vote are still alive for the 2020 session.