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Eight residents and two staff members of Jacquelyn House, a Bartlesville intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities, were administered what authorities think was insulin instead of flu shots on Wednesday. CHRISTY WHEELAND/American-Tribune file

Ten people, all residents or staff of a Bartlesville facility for people with intellectual disabilities, were hospitalized Wednesday after they were given what investigators suspect was insulin instead of flu vaccinations.

Emergency responders were dispatched about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to the Jacquelyn House, an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Bartlesville Police Chief Tracy Roles said firefighters and paramedics were initially dispatched on a report about one unresponsive person but found several others with similar symptoms upon their arrival.

Wednesday was the day residents of the facility, at 5120 Jacquelyn Lane, were to receive flu vaccinations.

“All received injections of what we believe to be insulin,” Roles said. “As of (Wednesday evening) it appears all patients are medically stable.”

A person who is not diabetic but who is given an insulin shot can experience hypoglycemia, with extremely low blood sugar. Symptoms can range from shakiness to confusion to loss of consciousness and even death.

A local pharmacist administered the shots to eight facility residents and two staff members. Roles said the pharmacist was cooperating with police detectives.

The preliminary investigation indicated that the administration of what was believed to be insulin was accidental, he said. However, detectives will continue investigating the matter.

Roles said Bartlesville firefighters and medical responders “did an outstanding job of assessing the situation.”

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