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Catoosa's R.J. Wells Middle School, just east of the high school campus, is pictured in 2015. Tulsa World file

Voters in the Catoosa Public Schools district rejected a $2.25 million bond issue to buy land for future school sites, a new early childhood center and a new elementary school.

The bond issue would have raised property taxes for those in the district 4.99%, according to the district’s website.

A homeowner who paid $100 in property taxes previously would have paid $104.99; one who paid $500 in property taxes would have paid $524.93, the district said.

Catoosa currently has one of the lowest bond millage rates in the area at 19.43, the district said. A mill is $1 in tax for every $1,000 in assessed property value.

The proposition failed with 472 votes, or about 51.5%, in favor and 445 votes, or 48.5%, against it, according to unofficial election results. School bonds need 60% of the vote to pass.

Also Tuesday, voters in the city of Pawhuska decided to extend two sales taxes.

Proposition 1 extended a one-quarter of 1% sales tax for economic development.

Proposition 2 extended a three-quarter of 1% sales tax for street and sidewalk repairs and resurfacing.

Proposition 1 passed with 78.3% of the vote, or 119 of 152 cast ballots. Thirty-three people, or 21.7%, voted against it, according to unofficial results.

Proposition 2 passed by a wider margin with 130 people, or 84.4%, voting for it and 24, or 15.6%, voting against it.

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