OKLAHOMA CITY — A first-ever check of every inmate in the Oklahoma County jail found a 20-year-old woman had been locked up by mistake.

"This is the most egregious case in my opinion," Public Defender Bob Ravitz told the presiding judge in a report on issues found during the March 8 check of more than 1,600 inmates.

Giselle Perez was jailed early Feb. 26 after a traffic stop because there was still an outstanding warrant for her arrest on a 2015 juvenile shoplifting charge even though the case had been dismissed.

She said she lost her job as a solution specialist for a phone service while in jail two weeks and her father missed work to watch her two children. On the day she got out, she was told that she should never have been there.

"I was really mad. I was mad because I was in there for nothing. I didn't deserve to be in there. That's what I thought the whole time," Perez said Tuesday.

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