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Gov. Kevin Stitt is still considering the fate of several top state agency heads. Doug Hoke/The Oklahoman file

OKLAHOMA CITY — Gov. Kevin Stitt last week said he expects to roll out a health care plan in the fall.

Many of the details are still in the works.

“We will give Oklahomans a great option sometime in the fall,” he said. “We are working on the Oklahoma Plan on the overall health care options.”

The plan will involve how the state delivers health care to rural communities and look at federal funding options, he said.

Stitt said more than 100 people across the state are working with him to develop the plan.

Areas of study include agency reform, agency consolidation, telemedicine and the use of federal funds, he said.

“I don’t think we do it as efficiently as we could,” he said. “We leave some money on the table.”

He said he wants to look at how to better aid rural hospitals, several of which have closed due to funding issues.

“We need to look at our Health Department and how we deliver services there and how we can work with some of those rural hospitals,” Stitt said. “Also, what type of services do we need in the rural communities versus the metro communities or if we regionalized.”

Stitt said he is not for Medicaid expansion.

An initiative petition seeking to let voters decide to expand Medicaid drew a legal challenge last week. Critics of Medicaid expansion say it is unclear if the federal government will continue to provide 90 percent of the funds with a 10 percent state match.

Supporters say it is a great return for the investment and would lead to better health outcomes for Oklahomans.

“I have got to let Oklahomans know you can’t just say ‘Don’t vote for it. I am against it,’ ” Stitt said. “I have got to say here is the plan and here is what happens if Medicaid expansion gets done in our state.”

Donelle Harder, a Stitt spokeswoman, said the plan is to look at not just insurance, but how the state delivers services and how to attract more insurers and providers.

While the developing plan is light on details currently, Stitt plans to focus on it once the legislative session ends, Harder said.

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