Officer INvolved Shooting

In this image taken from a video, Luis Manuel Arreguin-Lara is seen before Tulsa police officers fatally shot him in October. Officials identified the officers as Officer D. Jones, Officer C. Riley and Officer J. McRee. All three have returned to duty. Courtesy

Tulsa police released video Friday that captured the fatal shooting of a man who pulled a gun on officers on a north Tulsa street in October.

A training officer and his trainee stopped when they saw a four-door Jeep stopped with its emergency flashers on in the curb lane of the 3800 block of East Pine Street about 2:30 p.m. Oct. 27.

Video footage shows the driver telling an officer about an issue with the vehicle’s front passenger-side wheel and that her ex-boyfriend, later identified as Luis Manuel Arreguin-Lara, 50, was on his way to help.

One officer can be heard on the video telling the other that drug paraphernalia is in plain view in the vehicle. The officers detain the woman and begin searching the vehicle.

One of the officers points out a man in a red shirt and blue jeans as he approaches on a bicycle.

“He apparently has a warrant, so he’s dumb enough to come up here,” one officer can be heard saying as Arreguin-Lara approaches.

Tulsa County District Court records show that charges of kidnapping, forcible sodomy and sexual battery were filed against Arreguin-Lara on Sept. 24 and an arrest warrant was filed that day in connection with incidents that were alleged to have occurred in April.

In the video, Arreguin-Lara can be seen holding a tire iron as he rides up to the Jeep. One officer orders him to put down the tire iron and bicycle to talk. Arreguin-Lara exchanges a few words with the officers. The officers then tell him again to get off the bike and put down the tire iron. As Arreguin-Lara does so, he can be seen turning his right shoulder away from the officers and reaching for his right hip as the officers yell for him to stop.

“Hey, don’t reach! Don’t reach!” an officer shouts in the video.

Arreguin-Lara then pulls out a handgun, the video shows. Officers immediately fire several rounds, fatally shooting him.

One of the officers in the video said he believed that Arreguin-Lara fired one shot during the confrontation. A little less than six minutes elapsed between the first fired shot and when officers approached Arreguin-Lara to begin administering medical aid. Officers approached him slowly, with one officer carrying a shield for protection.

Emergency medical responders transported him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Additional officers had arrived at some point, and the Tulsa Police Department identified the three involved officers as Dakota Jones, C. Riley and Justin McRee. The release identified all three only by first initial and last name, but the Tulsa World was able to more specifically identify Jones and McRee through city payroll records.

The department said in a news release that all three have returned to duty.

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