Gloria Fletcher

Gloria Fletcher outside the Tulsa World's downtown office. JOHN CLANTON/Tulsa World

Hello, Tulsa!

It is simply lovely to be in Oklahoma and more specifically in Tulsa. I’ve been back in my home state for about a month. And oh my… I have forgotten just how warm it is.

I mean that literally. It’s hot. But also figuratively. Oklahoma is tremendously welcoming.

Both are welcome positives in my mind.

I have met a lot of people in the past few weeks. Some I am meeting for the first time; many are folks that I’ve known but haven’t seen in a while.

My family and I were born and raised in Oklahoma and had the pleasure of working, living and raising a family in this proud, independent state.

Yes, for the past 11 years, we have experienced life outside Oklahoma. We spent the last six years in the Seattle area and the few years before that right across the state line in Joplin.

It has been a whirlwind since I got here, and that’s good. I’ve been listening and learning and even yearning a bit. Listening and learning are self-explanatory, but I should explain yearning.

That is really the essence of our news business: Yearning to understand more, advocate more, connect more and maybe even inspire more is really what drives all of the professionals at the Tulsa World.

The news business is certainly changing. More specifically the newspaper business is changing. Just like every other business in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, in the United States or even abroad, we have to transform to better meet a changing world. Just like you, my life is different than my parents’ lives, and certainly is different than my kids’.

Thank goodness. It is called progress. Change isn’t wrong, it is just different.

The Tulsa World is in the news business and always has been. We are proud of the newspaper legacy and enjoy delivering news to you in print. We are equally proud to deliver the news to your phone, tablet or computer. Print, mobile and digital are just distribution vehicles. The Tulsa World will continue to deliver the news to you in the way you want to receive it. If you are like me, you sneak outside early in the morning, hoping your neighbors don’t see you, to get your newspaper so you can enjoy it along with your cup of coffee. You may then check on the news at your computer during the day and still you watch your phone for all the email newsletters and breaking news alerts.

The Tulsa World is blessed with talented and responsible journalists who work tirelessly to bring you credible, fair and accurate news on a 24/7 basis.

It feels wonderful to be home. I can’t wait to meet you sometime soon.

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