At the Foundation for Tulsa Schools, we strongly believe that Tulsa cannot live up to its full potential as a vital and dynamic city without a thriving public education system.

To accomplish this vision, we need everyone’s support for Oklahoma’s second largest school district.

The challenges our teachers and students face are significant. While our teachers have recently received much needed raises, additional support is needed. There are many basic needs and service gaps which can be addressed locally by caring partners mobilizing their resources.

Whether you currently have children at Tulsa Public Schools, are an alumnus or want to help ensure that the next generation of Tulsans is given every opportunity to succeed, we can all play a supportive role.

For nearly 40 years, the foundation’s Partners in Education program has connected businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations to TPS schools to provide volunteers and resources to enhance students’ classroom experiences and learning. Partners in Education is a network of over 250 organizations, which positively impact students in 80 schools, with the goal of matching supporting partners to schools, and making the process as easy as possible.

The generosity of partnership organizations comes in many shapes and sizes, and specifically caters to each school’s needs and the organization’s resources and abilities. For some partners, the donation of time is the preferred way to give back to their school. It may include serving as a lunch buddy with a student, a Reading Partners literacy tutor, a class testing monitor or a student math mentor. For partners which have specific goods to donate, giving back may include donating food or clothing or organizing supply drives for teachers and students. Partners with the ability to contribute financial resources may choose to support teacher appreciation events, host community family nights or provide student attendance incentives. High school partners often focus on providing student experiential learning opportunities, career exploration events, assistance with FAFSA financial aid completion for college, financial literacy programs and college campus visits.

Becoming an official Partner in Education partner is free, and the value to our students and teachers is immeasurable. If you are currently supporting a TPS school and are not a member of Partners in Education, or if you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner for the first time, please visit You will find a partner profile for every school, listing its needs and goals. The Foundation for Tulsa Schools can serve as a liaison to help you find the perfect school match for your organization, making volunteering your time and donating your resources as streamlined and rewarding as possible.

We want to thank all of our Partners in Education partners that have provided important, dedicated support to our schools over the years and have impacted generations of TPS students over three decades. We hope to inspire even more organizations to become partners and join us in supporting the future leaders of our great city.

While all our partner organizations are unique, they are all champions of public education and share a common belief that every student at Tulsa Public Schools deserves an equal opportunity to grow and thrive.

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Brian Paschal is the president and CEO of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools which oversees the Partners in Education program. Carole Huff Hicks is the external affairs manager for Public Service Company of Oklahoma in Tulsa and chairperson of the Partners in Education Steering Committee.