If there’s one word to describe the past nine months of the Democratic majority, it’s obstruction.

From Day 1 of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reign in the House, every move she and her caucus have made has been in opposition to President Trump. While President Trump has been dedicated to re-energizing the economy for nearly three years, Pelosi does whatever she can to thwart his success and pull back the progress that House Republicans made in the first two years of President Donald Trump’s administration.

While Trump worked across every aisle for groundbreaking criminal justice reform, the Democrat-controlled House held 11 hearings on supposed collusion with Russia. While Trump negotiated with Mexico to curb illegal immigration at our southern border, the Democrats couldn’t pull their focus away from now-debunked conspiracies.

Now, Trump has worked tirelessly to renegotiate NAFTA, which put Americans at a disadvantage. One of his key promises to the American people was to stand up for America first and make the needs of our country his top priority. With the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, that is exactly what he is doing.

We have long been the powerhouse that the world looks to for leadership, but eight years of the Obama administration weakened our international stature and opened opportunities for other countries to take advantage of us.

The USMCA modernizes trade with our North American neighbors and eliminates the unfair burdens placed on our country.

Our largest agricultural trading partners are Mexico and Canada. More than a million American jobs depend on manufacturing exports to Mexico and Canada. Between the states of Texas and Oklahoma, nearly 125,000 jobs depend on trade with these countries.

The USMCA not only protects those jobs, but would add 176,000 new jobs. It expedites patent approvals, speeding up the process to sell America’s innovative products in other countries. It will result in more than $68 billion in new economic growth.

Mexico and Canada have both acted in good faith to work with the United States and modernize our trade agreement to the benefit of all our countries and people. With our northern and southern neighbors on board, it’s astonishing that the person holding everything up is an American!

The only thing standing in the way of the USMCA confirmation is Pelosi. In her second turn, her leadership has crumbled, and she kowtows to the radical socialist wing of her party.

Many of my colleagues across the aisle have expressed their support for the USMCA and have been outspoken in pressuring Pelosi to allow a vote. If we voted today, the USMCA would easily pass with bipartisan support.

Let us be clear: Pelosi despises our president and will do anything to stop the progress he has made for our country. Her recent baseless impeachment announcement only further proves this.

A USMCA victory is a Trump victory. It’s an American victory. Trump has worked hard for years to draft an agreement that works for all three countries and prioritizes the needs of our people. Pelosi will do anything in her power to thwart the president’s success; she has thus far refused to allow a vote — or even a discussion — on the USMCA in the House.

That’s not leadership, it’s cowardice. It’s the same reason she refused to negotiate with Trump during the government shutdown at the start of the year — she’s unwilling to let him have even the smallest of victories.

I’ve beaten the drum on this for months, but I will not stop until the USMCA gets the time on our House floor that it deserves. It’s time for Pelosi to listen to her caucus, listen to the American people and pass the USMCA.

Kevin Hern, a Republican, represents Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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