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American flags ready to be handed out to spectators. Patriotic pride was on display during Bellevue, Nebraska's Veteran's Day parade along Mission Avenue in Old Town Bellevue on Saturday, November 10, 2018. KENT SIEVERS/THE WORLD-HERALD

La-ti-da! La-ti-da! Tis autumn

As we migrate from summer to fall

Let’s contemplate joys for us all:

Cool temps overnight,

The leaves oh so bright.

Tis autumn, the best season of all.

— Tom Vannoy, Broken Arrow

Kickoff time

Football’s a perilous game.

The outcomes are never the same.

The winners will cheer;

Losers cry in their beer,

And the coaches are always to blame.

— John Wilson, Tulsa

United we stand

The constant drumbeat of division and class.

Threatens the unity we’ve sought in the past.

Not our color or views;

Nor the party we choose,

Should keep us from building one nation to last.

— John Staedke, Tulsa

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