If we were supposed to be shocked to learn that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is going home on weekends, we’re not.

A fishing expedition request for Pruitt’s EPA expense accounts by an environmentalist advocacy group pretty much discovered just that, and that he was spending some public money along the way and met with people that the advocates don’t approve of.

The New York Times first reported the results of a Freedom of Information request for Pruitt’s expense accounts filed by the Environmental Integrity Project, which has a history of blocking development and encouraging regulation. The findings: Pruitt returned to his Tulsa home at least 10 times in his first three months in office, costing taxpayers more than $15,000.

During his trips home, Pruitt made some stops, including an informational meeting at the Brainerd Chemical Company in Tulsa and a speech to the Heritage Foundation in Colorado.

As outrages go, it’s not worth much.

The Washington press corps and the environmental lobby might prefer that the EPA boss be held captive on the East Coast and that he hear nothing but the opinions of “green” lobbyists, but the people out in fly-over country like it when we’re being heard, too.

We prefer it when the people at the top of the nation’s bureaucratic pyramid get out of the Beltway once in a while to talk to ordinary Americans. If Pruitt is coming home to see his friends, family, neighbors and some of the people he regulates, then good for him. That sounds like the acts of a balanced man who wants to know the thinking of the public, not just the pro-regulation lobbyists.

It’s apparent to us, and we suspect to Pruitt, that environmental extremists are determined to find anything they can use against him, including this not-so-damning evidence that he hasn’t abandoned his family.

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