When David takes on Goliath, it’s natural to cheer for David, but mostly you just hope that the little guy comes away with his head still attached to his neck. Outside of the Old Testament, Goliath has a tendency to win big.

That’s why the free world is holding its breath while it watches the freedom-loving people of Hong Kong defy the overwhelming power of their Chinese overlords.

China has already essentially ended representative democracy in the former British colony, installing a hand-picked chief executive and a controlling majority of toadies on the Hong Kong legislative council.

When the Communist government’s puppet leadership proposed an extradition policy that threatened to end the transparent rule of law, the people of Hong Kong refused to go along meekly.

On June 9, a million Hong Kongers took to the streets in peaceful protest, an impressive act of mass defiance. The Hong Kong rulers refused to budge and met further protests with police force. But Sunday, the people — 2 million strong this time — responded in another overwhelming but peaceful protest that shut down the city.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has suspended action on the extradition bill and apologized for misreading the situation, but we all know that the odds are stacked against the people of Hong Kong in the long run.

Once a unique enclave on the rim of a backward rural nation, Hong Kong has watched the rest of China mature economically around it. China’s new blend of communist rhetoric, capitalist methods and military might has weakened Hong Kong’s leverage in any showdown.

The protesters face a much stronger opponent willing to enforce its will in blood when pushed. We all remember what happened at Tiananmen Square, but their love of liberty is so strong that they march on anyway.

They are an inspiration to the rest of the world and a lesson in risks people will take in defense of the liberty that we sometimes take for granted.

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