A student walks to class at Tulsa Community College’s Southeast Campus. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World file

Congratulations to Tulsa business leader Paula Marshall, the first of 50 people to be honored by Tulsa Community College on a weekly basis over the course of the year celebrating the school’s 50th anniversary.

Marshall, a 1976 TCC business graduate, is the author of four books. Under her leadership, Bama has grown and prospered. Today, it provides employment to hundreds of Tulsans and specialty baked goods to the world.

Her success is not an outlier among those who came from TCC. We won’t spoil the surprise, but those to be honored include business and political leaders, scholars, social warriors and genuine heroes. The school’s quality has left its mark on Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the world.

It’s a group well worth celebrating. (Speaking of celebrations, the TCC Foundation held its annual Vision dinner Thursday night and raised more than $400,000, a record for the event.)

For half a century, TCC has been providing affordable, quality higher education to meet Tulsa’s workforce needs. It’s the state’s third largest college, and it’s still growing. (The only two that are any bigger feature four-year degrees, graduate colleges, medical schools and NCAA football teams.)

So it’s appropriate for the school to look back with some pride at some of the students who have passed through its hallways and who have gone on to do big things. You can follow the 50 Notable Alumni announcements on the school’s 50th anniversary website and its Facebook page.

We were impressed by Sunday’s op/ed column by TCC President Leigh Goodson. It celebrated the school’s successes but made it clear that no one is resting on their laurels. The school is “poised for today and the future,” she said.

We agree. It’s a big year for TCC; but, like Tulsa, TCC’s best days lie ahead.

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