Darrell Moore

They say that the best candidates for public office combine a great personal story with the right message for the voters.

That makes Darrell Moore just about perfect in House District 8.

Great personal story? How about a native of the district who became a U.S. Marine Corps major general and still has had time to be a Pryor city councilor for 10 years?

Right message? How about a pro-education candidate (married to a retired teacher) who understands how to balance the state’s need for economic growth and its need to fund essential government services?

Moore is all of that.

He joined the Marine Corps out of college and, after a high-profile career, was just settling into his retirement as a Mayes County attorney when war came and he went back to duty. He was chief of staff to a support group in Kuwait and Iraq during the first Iraq War, was promoted to brigadier general in 2005 and major general in 2008, serving as director of reserve affairs and subsequently as mobilization assistant to the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command.

Somewhere in there, he also spent five terms on the Pryor City Council, and time on the boards of directors of a local bank and the local hospital.

Did we mention that his children were educated in public schools and now are serving as missionaries in China and Ethiopia?

This guy’s got the whole story.

On the issues, we think Moore is in line with the people of his district and a lot of other Oklahomans looking for a change at the state Capitol.

He’s ready to push for adequate education funding, and understands that the money for that will require some tough choices. He opposes vouchers because they would undercut public schools financially, and he realistically understands that Oklahomans are paying for federal programs to expand health-care coverage, they just aren’t allowed to enjoy any of the benefits because of poor choices in Oklahoma City.

As a Marine who served his country for 35 years, we all owe Moore our thanks, but the people of House District 8 owe it to themselves to send him to the Legislature.

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